Tuesday, June 15, 2010

FC Barcelona 39th president - Rosell

Sandro Rosell officially become the new Barcelona president replaces Joan Laporta whose retiring on June 30. Rosell was elected as new president after defeating three other candidates in the voting conducted on Sunday (13 / 6) local time.

From the results of vote counting is done on the same day after 21:00 pm local time, Rosell won 61 percent of the vote. This result is apparently not much different with some predictions of the Spanish mass media.
Surprisingly, one of the candidates who are not too calculated, Agusti Benedito, finishing in second. However, Benedito voice still far from Rosell because he only got less than 15 percent votes.

"I will be president for all of fan (Barcelona). Who wins this election is a fan of Barcelona. Attendance fan on the voting process showed the desire and commitment to the club," said Rosell in Fcbacelona.cat.
Rosell will officially took office on July 1 the new. Thus, Rossel will become the 39th president of the club's 110-year-old who has it.

The new Barcelona president, Sandro Rosell, promised to continue to hunt for Arsenal midfielder, Cesc Fabregas. For that, he will coordinate with Joan Laporta as the first person who has made the negotiation process.

This promise was uttered day after he was elected as new president of Barcelona, precisely on Monday (14 / 6) local time. However, the president of Barcelona to the 39 that requires the purchase should be based on a desire Fabregas Barcelona coach, Pep Guardiola.

"If we have coordinate, Laporta will explain the extent to which the negotiation process has been running. If the negotiation process goes smoothly and the coaches really want it, we certainly will continue the negotiation process without any hesitation," Rosell said

However, Rosell realized that he could not interfere in the negotiation process by Joan Laporta for now. The reason, he was officially appointed as the new president of Barca on July 1. However, he did not refuse if Laporta asked him to help the negotiation process before he took office in July 1.

"Until July 1, we can not do anything (because it still serves as president Laporta Barcelona until June 30). But if they need help, we will become the first people to reach out," lid Rosell.

For information, Barcelona's first official bid was officially rejected beberpa when Arsenal. When it bid for Barcelona's former protege at a price 29 million pounds. For the moment, Barcelona kept trying to persuade Arsenal to sell to them Fabegas followed by Arsene Wenger to South Africa.

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