Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sneijder: I have anaemia

Internazionale star Wesley Sneijder has said that he is suffering from anaemia and that is why he fainted in the dressing room last weekend.

The Dutch star was handed the diagnosis after visiting a doctor in his native Netherlands.

Anaemia occurs when there is a decrease in the number of red blood cells or less than the normal quantity of haemoglobin in the blood, and came about due to Sneijder's hectic workload in leading Internazionale to the treble last season before guiding Holland to the World Cup final.

Sneijder first started feeling unwell during Inter's draw with Brescia at the weekend.

"Five minutes before the end of the first half I started shaking and felt pain in all my body, it was something I had never experienced before," he told De Telegraaf.

"After when I went into the dressing room I passed out and I was very scared. They controlled my blood pressure and heart rate immediately and then I went to Holland for further tests.

"The conclusions were that I am anaemic and my whole body is very tired. I need plenty of rest."

Rafael Benitez left Sneijder out of the squad for Wednesday's trip to Lecce but he is expected to play in the Milan derby on Sunday.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

FC Barcelona 39th president - Rosell

Sandro Rosell officially become the new Barcelona president replaces Joan Laporta whose retiring on June 30. Rosell was elected as new president after defeating three other candidates in the voting conducted on Sunday (13 / 6) local time.

From the results of vote counting is done on the same day after 21:00 pm local time, Rosell won 61 percent of the vote. This result is apparently not much different with some predictions of the Spanish mass media.
Surprisingly, one of the candidates who are not too calculated, Agusti Benedito, finishing in second. However, Benedito voice still far from Rosell because he only got less than 15 percent votes.

"I will be president for all of fan (Barcelona). Who wins this election is a fan of Barcelona. Attendance fan on the voting process showed the desire and commitment to the club," said Rosell in
Rosell will officially took office on July 1 the new. Thus, Rossel will become the 39th president of the club's 110-year-old who has it.

The new Barcelona president, Sandro Rosell, promised to continue to hunt for Arsenal midfielder, Cesc Fabregas. For that, he will coordinate with Joan Laporta as the first person who has made the negotiation process.

This promise was uttered day after he was elected as new president of Barcelona, precisely on Monday (14 / 6) local time. However, the president of Barcelona to the 39 that requires the purchase should be based on a desire Fabregas Barcelona coach, Pep Guardiola.

"If we have coordinate, Laporta will explain the extent to which the negotiation process has been running. If the negotiation process goes smoothly and the coaches really want it, we certainly will continue the negotiation process without any hesitation," Rosell said

However, Rosell realized that he could not interfere in the negotiation process by Joan Laporta for now. The reason, he was officially appointed as the new president of Barca on July 1. However, he did not refuse if Laporta asked him to help the negotiation process before he took office in July 1.

"Until July 1, we can not do anything (because it still serves as president Laporta Barcelona until June 30). But if they need help, we will become the first people to reach out," lid Rosell.

For information, Barcelona's first official bid was officially rejected beberpa when Arsenal. When it bid for Barcelona's former protege at a price 29 million pounds. For the moment, Barcelona kept trying to persuade Arsenal to sell to them Fabegas followed by Arsene Wenger to South Africa.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Quaresma lands at Beksitas

Besiktas finally get one signature Inter Milan winger Ricardo Quaresma, with prices 7.3 million uero, Sunday (13 / 6) local time.

The Portuguese winger move to Besiktas after he spent his time at Inter for two years. The main reason Quaresma move to Turkish club was of course because at least the opportunity to play at Inter. Noted, Quaresma had only appeared 24 times at Inter. Even he had loaned to Chelsea at the beginning of the season at Inter.

Quaresma, who brought a price of 18.6 million in 2008 uero ago, has reported a duration of three seasons, signed a contract with Besiktas. This is his fifth club after failing in Barcelona in 2003.
Actually, Quaresma also interested several clubs Spayol origin, Germany, and Portugal. But the existence of Bernd Schuster as new coach of The Black Eagels seems to have captured the heart of 26-year-old winger. In addition, there is news about Besiktas attraction to bring in Robinho surely become another attraction for Quaresma.

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Monday, May 31, 2010

95 Million Pound For Fergie

Manchester United chief executive David Gill, said the fund amounted to 95 million pounds available for expenditure for Sir Alex Ferguson's players.

Gill statement is one form of replies to criticism from United fans against Glazer family regime. This statement is certainly also addressed to the Red Knights, who always criticized because it led to United's Glazer family owes more than 700 million pounds.

"Many people said Alex was not given any money to shop for players. But, in reality spending money to keep the players we have available. There are 95 million pounds for the expense of profit results players the club this season. We do not restrict players to Alex for shopping. We also can invest in the form of players, training facilities and stadiums, "said Gill told The Sun.

Simultaneously, Gill criticized the Red Devils fans who always protested his boss, the Glazer family. According to Gill, United's fans should support the club. The reason United is considered quite successful under the Glazer family ownership in the last three seasons.

"The protests from the fan will not change even if we win the Champions League three consecutive seasons. But, in fact we were quite successful in three seasons behind it. However, they are still not happy," protested Gill.

In this season, Fergie has poured funds amounting to 18 million pounds to spend two players, Chris Smalling and Javier Hernandez. Fergie also admitted that only one player will buy more to improve the squad next season. Rumors are circulating in the British mass media, Fergie prepares to bring Karim Benzema from Real Madrid.

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Lahm – New Gernany captain

German national team coach, Joachim Loew, Philipp Lahm appointed as team captain Michael Ballack replacement Panzer.

Bayern Munich winger was officially appointed Loew on Friday (28 / 5) local time. While for the position of vice-captain, pointed Loew once winger Munich midfielder, Bastian Schweinsteiger.

"I think both players have a very important role and they were able to bear more responsibility. They both played very well both in Munich and German national team," Loew said on

Although appointed as captain Lahm, Loew is hoping to replace the role of Ballack in the midfield sector. This is fair considering Schweinsteiger's position in the German national team with Ballack's position.

"Schweinsteiger  should be able to take the role. Style of game and the same with Ballack's position. He is a natural leader emotionally, someone who is a motor for the team, and always able to push the team forward again from midfield," added Loew.

On the same occasion, Loew has also announced major German goalkeeper. What will be the main  Loew option in South Africa later was Manuel Neuer. While the number two team goalkeeper Tim Wiese Panzer is and Hans-Jorg Butt will occupy the third slot.

"Manuel Neuer will be (goalie) number one. This is a very difficult decision considering two other goalkeepers also played very well this season," said Loew.

After crossing several injured players, such as Ballack, René Adler, Simon Rolfes and Christian Trasch, the German squad is left now only 25 people. Thus, Loew had to cross out two more names to the squad to 23 players remaining on 1 June.

Del Bosque Not Worried

Although almost draw with Saudi Arabia, the Spanish national team coach, Vicente del Bosque, did not feel anxious.

In fact, Spain had to fight until 91 minutes into Arabic to be able to surpass. In fact, the European champion in 2008, must be left in advance of the Arabs in the 16th minute through goals scored Osama Hawsawi.

"Sometimes, things do not fit with what we have planned. But we must remain able to think posisitf," Del Bosque said in Marca.

According to Del Bosque, his team has been playing pretty good at that game because they are short enough preparation. Section, the final Spanish league a little behind schedule estimates. Impact, the Spanish national team players have never competed again for more than 15 days.

"I'm half happy. Preparation we had been delayed because the final league (La Liga) is slightly behind schedule.  What we can do for now is keep working and moving forward little by little," said Del Bosque express why.

"We did play a bit bad at the beginning of the first round because we never played again since 15 days ago. It makes us a little trouble early in the game, but they are all pretty good," added the former Real Madrid coach.

When polled about debutant players in the match, 59-year-old coach assess the performance of Pedro Martinez and Javi good enough. Therefore, Del Bosque thinking of giving them a chance to play more.

"We have given some players an opportunity to make their debut in the national team. I think they should get a chance to play more. As such, all players will get a chance to play the same," Del Bosque cap.

La Furia Roja are still going to do two more test matches before kick-off June 11 later. Each, Spain will face South Korea on June 3 and Poland on June 8.

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Will Milito follow Mourinho to Madrid?

As a result of Jose Mourinho gossip that he would move to Real Madrid next season, then one of his players, Diego Milito perhaps also pointed out that he will leave the San Siro next season.

Milito is a third person as well as a second player who reveals that he perhaps leave Inter in the season ahead. Initially, only Jose Mourinho stating that he would move to Real Madrid next season. Not long ago, turn to Douglas Maicon who also stated that he might follow the coach's firm to El Real. Now, turn the mainstay Inter striker, Diego Milito, who stated that he too would follow his coach to Los Blancos.

"In football, you never know what will happen in the future. Now I get an offer which is very important and we'll see what will happen later," Milito said

Curiously, the striker who became decisive victory in the final of the Champions League Inter Milan against Bayern Munenchen it suddenly turned 180 degrees when he publicly welcomed Inter Milan in Italy on Sunday (23 / 5) morning local time. Ex-Real Zaragoza striker revealed that he will fulfill his contract remaining in the first three years Nerazzuri.

"My contract still remaining three seasons and I will stay at Inter," Milito said on Sky Sport 24.

Some Italian media alleged that what was said on Sky Sport Milito is a lie. Because, Jose Mourinho was not present at the celebration event held to welcome the arrival of Inter skuat I Nerazzuri in Italy and suspected of Mou is negotiating to bring his favorite player was to Madrid if "The Special One" really moved.
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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mourinho officially train Madrid

Jose Mourinho was the coach of Real Madrid's official on Florentino Perez next season after completing a contract of "The Special One 'with Inter Milan.

Earlier, talks between Massimo Moratti and Perez had faltered because Madrid is only willing to pay 8 million uero of a total of 16 million release clause uero contractual Mou. However, based on the Spanish mass media, Perez managed to negotiate with Moratti and only pay 8 million to free uero Mou. Mou-even then tied over a four-year contract.

Based on Inter's official website, telling Spanish media that turned out to be wrong. Los Blancos Moratti succeeded in forcing management to pay 16 million release clause uero the Portuguese coach. However, payment of the release clause in the MoU will be divided into two stages. The first payment is 10 million uero, performed in front. The rest, six million uero, will be paid in other forms including the provision by the Madrid players to Inter.

Planned, Mourinho will be introduced to the Spanish public on Monday. Induction will be held in Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, one o'clock local time.

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Milan Will Not Sell Huntelaar

Because rarely get a chance to play AC Milan striker, Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, rumored to be moving the club next season. Benfica also attracted to use the services of 26-year-old players.

In this season, Huntelaar playing in 21 games with Rosoneri. Even so, the Dutch striker was successfully recorded seven goals for AC Milan. During this time, Huntelaar just a coating from Marco Borriello.

This condition try to used by the Portuguese club, Benfica Lisbon, to bring Huntelaar to the Estadio da Luz, Benfica cage.

However, AC Milan Party through its director, Ariedo Braida, underscores will not sell the former Ajax striker.

"I think it is impossible for Benfica get Huntelaar. Moreover, he (Huntelaar) still has a contract for the next three years. He is a player who entered the Milan long-term plan. So, Huntelaar is not for sale!," Said Braida as cited by italian football, Thursday (27 / 5).

Il Diavolo Huntelaar joined at the beginning of this season. He moved from Real Madrid with a transfer value of 15 million euros (about 171 billion rupiahs). The plan, Huntelaar will continue to wear the uniform AC Milan until three years into the future.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Hitzfeld: Muenchen Dominance Will Continue

Ex-Bayern Munich coach, Ottmar Hitzfeld, believed FC Hollywood under the direction of Louis van Gaal will become the golden generation. Section, a few names that became courtier Munich this season still have a long life.

Van Gaal, who had success in breeding the young players as Ajax coach, started a similar project in Munich. He tosses up the original product of Muenchen, like Thomas Mueller, Holger Badstuber, and Diego Contento.

Plus former courtier courtier-like Philipp Lahm and Bastian Schweinsteiger, Hitzfeld believes that the success of the new Munich this season became an opening. "This team has tremendous potential because many players who have not reached the top of his game," said coach who now handles the Swiss national team to the Welt.

"I am fully confident that this team will dominate European football in the coming years. Currently, Bayern played very impressive football team," he added.

61-year-old coach had even considered the direction of Van Gaal Muenchen much stronger than the team that he brought into the Champions League, nine years ago. The presence of two top players, Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery, a key differentiator.

"We have a tremendous spirit of the time, so this time. However, the current team a little more enthusiastic and have players like Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery, two outstanding players," said Hitzfeld.

"They could lead to turmoil from the wing. (Mark) van Bommel and (Bastian) Schweinsteiger also world class. For me, bayern is the owner of the best midfield in Europe today," he concluded.

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Platini: 50:50

President of UEFA, Michel Platini revealed that opportunity as well as Bayern Munich Inter Milan reached the Champions League trophy on Sunday (23 / 5) early day was 50 versus 50 hrs

Platini prediction is not separated from the second appearance of the country's different team this season. According to Platini, Inter look very impressive both in the local competition as well as in European competition. While his opponent, Munich, considered legendary former midfielder, as a team that has a very large fortune.

"Inter have something more (in terms of game), but luck seemed to be in the Bayern side. For that reason I reasoned that the chances of both is 50:50," Platini said in La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Many consider that the Champions League final at the Santiago Bernabeu later an MoU with the last match with Inter before he moved to Real Madrid next season. Responding to assert that, the man who formerly had strengthened Juventus, stating that the MoU will continue to show their professionalism despite the many issues that might interfere with his concentration on the game is super important for Inter.

"The decision to bring Moratti (Mourinho) is appropriate. Maybe it would be a polemic against him (Mourinho). But he is a great coach and you can not deny the quality of its technical," Platini cap.

If Inter had won the Champions League trophy on Sunday morning later, the trophy is a trophy of the third and the first after 45 years. As for Munich, Cahampion League trophy will be the fifth as well as align them with the Champions League trophy Raihan total of Liverpool.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Pep: We should have been in Madrid

Pep Guiardiola apologize to the fans Azulgranas although she managed to bring Barcelona won La Liga title in the 2009-2010 season.

Against Real Valladolid at Camp Nou on Monday (176/ 5) , Barcelona must win so they could win  La Liga this season. Pep-foster children did not appear disappointing. The proof, they massacred Valladolid with the score 4-0. And they won La Liga with a record of the highest points in the Spanish league for the moment, which is 99 points.

On what got her team on this season, Pep, who gave a speech at the handover ceremony for the La Liga trophy Barca, stating that he is grateful for the support during this Azulgranas fan to his team. The support was then that Pep was owed much to the Barca fans because he failed to bring El Fantásticos into Champions League final at the Santiago Bernabéu on 22 May.

"I can only thank the fans. Supporters have supported us with great and we owe on it. We should be in next week's Madrid (Champions League final on 22 Men 2010) and I also owe it to the fans," said Pep .

On the same occasion, Pep also stated that he was very grateful with what the foster children in this season. According to Pep, foster children have struggled very hard on this season. Not to forget, Pep also grateful to Joan Laporta for the trust he gave to the Pep in this seven years back.

"Having squad today may not be repeated. I also express gratitude to the president (Joan Laporta) for seven years," lid Pep.

This La Liga trophy achievement is Pep seventh trophy in two seasons at Barca. These achievements will surely be a positive value on her career journey that was practically brand new.

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Robben: Mou and van Gaal Remarkably Same

Bayern Munich winger, Arjen Robben, so much respect for Jose Mourinho, the coach who gave him lots of success while at Chelsea. However, respect must shown by Robben in the face Mou landing team, Inter Milan in the Champions League final, Saturday (22 / 5).

Playing for Chelsea for three years (2004-2007), Robben can get five titles, namely the Premier League 2004-05 and 2005-06; FA Cup 2007; and League Cup in 2005 and 2007. On the success which he achieved at Chelsea, Robben admitted there was remarkable contribution of the coach Jose Mourinho.

"Jose Mourinho is the best coach I've worked with me during at Chelsea," Robben said to the Mirror Football. "He was a 'giant'. I really enjoy the days at Stamford Bridge," he continued.

Excess Mou most of all, according to Robben, is the ability to motivate the players. In addition, the 'Special One also qualified in maintaining team harmony.

"We played a fantastic football team (now at Chelsea) and moments with Jose always seemed incredible. He was very knows how to motivate players and to maintain cohesion within the team," said Dutch national player.

However, when dealing with former mentor in the Champions League final, Robben must eliminate all of the romance between him and Mourinho. So, support for the coach in Munich, Louis van Gaal, should he kedepankan.

"Bayern coach Louis van Gaal, have the same class (with Mourinho). He had a remarkable observation on the detail. In addition, he also knows how to develop the ability of a player," said 26-year-old left-handed men.

Together with Louis van Gaal at this season, FC Hollywood had confirmed two degrees, the Bundesliga and DFB Pokal. The victory over Inter at the Santiago Bernabeu, Champions League final match venue, will make Munich won the treble.

It certainly would be extraordinary record for a coach in his first season with a club. Moreover, Munich slumped last season without a trophy won.

"He has turned Bavaria into a fantastic football machine in Europe this year," said Robben, recognizes excellence coach.

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Inter lost Motta

Inter Milan will not be strengthened by Thiago Motta in the Champions League final (22 / 5) next, when the clash with Bayern Munich. Because, Motta received a red card in the semifinal second leg match Champions League (28 / 4) when he met Barcelona in the Nou Camp.

According to the Corriere dello Sport Ill., Saturday (8 / 5), assurance was obtained after the UEFA disciplinary committee hearing decided the 27-year-old player should not be played in two Champions League matches. As a result, La Motta can not strengthen Beneamata in the Champions League final. In addition, the Motta also can not be derived in the first game of the Champions League next season.

In fact, the former Genoa player is always a top choice for coach Jose Mourinho disrupt the opponent game in midfield. Motta also can do their job very well. Proven in the first leg semi-final match, the players El Barca struggled to develop the game and eventually had to swallow the 1-3 defeat of host.

No different with Inter, the stronghold of Munich also had to lose one of its flagship player. Elegant midfielder, Franck Ribery can not strengthen the team at the top of Champions League matches. Because, the French players also get a penalty in the final ban due to receive a red card in the semifinal. At the time of the Bavarian buried Olimpique Lyon with a score of 3-0.

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ribbery appeal rejected

Franck Ribery penalty appeals against red card he got on the first leg Champions League round senifinal few moments ago, Uefa rejected.

On the first leg Champions League semifinal against Lyon a few weeks ago, Ribery was given a red card by the referee on the offense against Lisandro Lopez. After reviewing further UEFA for violations committed by Ribery, a player who was rumored to flee to Spain was eventually given a three match ban penalty in the Champions League. With the penalty, automatic Ribery will not appear on later Chanpion League final against Inter Milan.

Because it is considered detrimental to himself and the club, Ribery, and the defense had appealed to UEFA against the sentence he gets. But a few moments ago, UEFA reject an appeal by Ribery so it was almost certain that the French winger will not appear on strengthening Munich Champions League final on 22 May.

However, the parties Die Roten still object to the sentence to be awarded the UEFA. Muenchem party through its president, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, said it will appeal a higher level of, Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

"Ribery with our lawyer, Dr. Gerlinger, see what my players as a form of violation of ordinary and not violence. We will make an appeal against the sentence given by the UEFA. We will continue to fight for justice demands that Ribery was still able to compete in the Champions League Final later, "said the official statement released Muenchen official site.

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fulham reach Final

Fulham finally able to realize the dream of playing in European competition final. Roy Hodgson troops managed to beat Hamburg 2-1 in the Champions League second leg semi-final, Friday (30 / 4) early morning GMT.

Through this action, Damien Duff playing cs prove the appropriateness Europa League final. The mentality of The Cottagers had been tested because they got behind 0-1 by Mladen Petric scored a free kick on 22 minutes. That means Fulham have scored two goals to qualify for the first leg ended goalless draw.

However, the motivation of children Fulham for a final taste of European competition makes them not give up. Support fan who crowded the Craven Cottage Fulham also create morale double.

The result, Simon Davies to score an equalizer at minute 70. Feed Danny Murphy from the left side of the field entered using the left foot was hit by Davies. A 1-1 aggregate, has not been enough to get them to the HSH Nordbank Arena, the final match venue.

Anxiously Fulham fans did not last long. They could be relieved after Zoltan Gera scored the second goal for Fulham, six minutes after the goal Davies. Kick left foot breaking peman Hungarian goalkeeper Frank Røst. The Cottagers turned 2-1 ahead.

The position was eventually survive until the long whistle. Cheers blaring at Carven Cottage. They deserve a chance to play in the final match after a tiring long journey by setting aside a few nan strong teams such as Juventus and defending champions Shakhtar Donetsk.

Overall, Hamburg led by new coach Ricardo Moniz, perform better than the first leg. They can compensate for mastery of the ball and create enough chances. Unfortunately, the determination of child custody Roy Hodgson managed to prevent Moniz undergo a sweet debut.

The final match will take place on May 12, 2010. Fulham will face Atletico Madrid, who got rid of Liverpool with a 2-2 aggregate. Atleti escaped thanks to the away goals rule.

The composition of Players:

Fulham: Schwarzer, Pantsil (75 'Nevland), Hangeland, Hughes, Konchesky, Davies, Murphy, Etuhu, Duff; Zamora (57' Dempsey) Gera.

Hamburg: Røst; Demel, Boateng, Mathijsen, Aogo; Pitroipa, Ze Roberto, Jarolím (90 'Rozehnal), Tesche (56' Rincon (79 'Guerrero)); Van Nistelrooy, Petric.

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Drogba enter "The Time 100" list

Didier Drogba, Chelsea striker and national team captain of Ivory Coast, has been listed as one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2010 by TIME magazine.

The list is now entering the seventh year, appreciate the activism, innovation and achievements of individuals in the world's most influential for many people around the world.

Drogba, who occupies the front cover of a magazine being sold today it has become one of the few athletes who appear in the list. Athletes who had previously displayed in this list, among others, legendary boxer Muhammad Ali and former basketball star Michael Jordan.

Managing Editor of TIME magazine, Rick Stengel, explains about the list, "The TIME 100 is not a list of the most powerful man in the world, not a list of intelligent people in the world, this is a list of the most influential person for others in this world.

"They are scientists, thinkers, philosophers, leaders, icons, artists, missionaries. The people who use their ideas, their visions, and their actions to change the world and made an impact on many people," Stengel said. "The TIME 100 is not about the influence of power but power to influence. Some people just like you would find this list are influential in the traditional sense, we are also looking for people whose ideas and actions revolutionized the field of their work and changing lives," he added.

Drogba, who will be representing Ivory Coast at the World Cup in South Africa next June, appeared in a list of 100 with Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Lady Gaga and Simon Cowell.

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Manchester united shirts 2010-2011

Although the competition is still ongoing 2009/10 Premiership season, Manchester United just launched a new uniform for the season 2010/11. New Jersey were inspired by the classic model of United's uniform.

The Manchester United (MU) re-launched its new uniforms for next season.

Retro shades will be seen at Old Trafford next season, because the new uniforms Sir Alex Ferguson's foster children are inspired by their uniforms in the year 1980.

In MU's first uniform, adorned by a white line along the shoulder until the arm and neck white collar and front piece shaped "V". This is the first uniform uniform with a new sponsor, AON is placed on the chest. American insurance companies had entered into a sponsorship with the Red Devils for four years with total value of approximately 80 million pounds (about 1.1 trillion rupiah).

MU will be planned to wear the new uniforms they officially in pre-season trip to America next July.

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

City Failed to Reach the 4th

Manchester City failed to rise to number four while the Premier League standings, on Sunday (25 / 4) . The Citizens only played a goalless draw against a strong team, Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium.

Seizing the fourth English Premier League this season is no less exciting with the seizure of the first position. Chelsea and Manchester United took turns filling the top positions in the last three weeks this season. Fourth place or last place to get into next season's Champions League zone contested by Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City.

Manchester United's game this week to temporarily pushed into the top position after beating Spurs 3-1. The result is an opportunity for Roberto Mancini's squad to be able to shift from the safe zone Hotspur Champions League with a requirement to pick full points from Arsenal at the Emirates today

However, it seems luck has not sided with the city. The Gunners are still too strong to be conquered, let alone play at own game. Can hold 0-0 draw with Arsene Wengar  team has been a fair enough result for the club, who recently was suddenly rich. Facing the team that stuck in third place this time, Man. City can not do more in the game today. Because, in the first round Carlos Teves et al. never bother goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski. This situation caused most of the City players busy doing defense and difficulties to build a dangerous counter attack.

In the second half after Emmanuel Adebayor enter The Citizen occasionally can be done to pressure Arsenal. However, the host did not loosen the attack, especially when substitute Nicklas Bendtner Theo Walcott signed. Strikes, strikes Gunners far more dangerous in front of goal City. Swift pressure to City defense. City, forcing Shay Given had to fall up to secure post.

As a result, minute-76 goalkeeper was no longer able to continue the match due to injury in his shoulder after a hard kick to block the release Abou Diaby. Gunnar Neilsen Given that replaces the task may look good ith an opportunity to confront all Arsenal until the game ended.

The draw makes Manchester City remains stuck in fifth position achieve standings with one point in three games left this season. While more difficult to shake Arsenal in third place despite the Premier League title chances have been closed.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


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