Monday, May 31, 2010

Lahm – New Gernany captain

German national team coach, Joachim Loew, Philipp Lahm appointed as team captain Michael Ballack replacement Panzer.

Bayern Munich winger was officially appointed Loew on Friday (28 / 5) local time. While for the position of vice-captain, pointed Loew once winger Munich midfielder, Bastian Schweinsteiger.

"I think both players have a very important role and they were able to bear more responsibility. They both played very well both in Munich and German national team," Loew said on

Although appointed as captain Lahm, Loew is hoping to replace the role of Ballack in the midfield sector. This is fair considering Schweinsteiger's position in the German national team with Ballack's position.

"Schweinsteiger  should be able to take the role. Style of game and the same with Ballack's position. He is a natural leader emotionally, someone who is a motor for the team, and always able to push the team forward again from midfield," added Loew.

On the same occasion, Loew has also announced major German goalkeeper. What will be the main  Loew option in South Africa later was Manuel Neuer. While the number two team goalkeeper Tim Wiese Panzer is and Hans-Jorg Butt will occupy the third slot.

"Manuel Neuer will be (goalie) number one. This is a very difficult decision considering two other goalkeepers also played very well this season," said Loew.

After crossing several injured players, such as Ballack, René Adler, Simon Rolfes and Christian Trasch, the German squad is left now only 25 people. Thus, Loew had to cross out two more names to the squad to 23 players remaining on 1 June.

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