Saturday, May 1, 2010

Manchester united shirts 2010-2011

Although the competition is still ongoing 2009/10 Premiership season, Manchester United just launched a new uniform for the season 2010/11. New Jersey were inspired by the classic model of United's uniform.

The Manchester United (MU) re-launched its new uniforms for next season.

Retro shades will be seen at Old Trafford next season, because the new uniforms Sir Alex Ferguson's foster children are inspired by their uniforms in the year 1980.

In MU's first uniform, adorned by a white line along the shoulder until the arm and neck white collar and front piece shaped "V". This is the first uniform uniform with a new sponsor, AON is placed on the chest. American insurance companies had entered into a sponsorship with the Red Devils for four years with total value of approximately 80 million pounds (about 1.1 trillion rupiah).

MU will be planned to wear the new uniforms they officially in pre-season trip to America next July.

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